Author: Nemanja Ivanovic

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Automated repricing is a very appealing feature to many online merchants. It is attractive and popular among retailers because it seemingly makes price change process fully automated. However, behind that appeal there is a big controversy, and we’ll try to shed some light on it with this post. Lets start with some PROs of automated...
6 January 2016 - 11:33, by , in Price2Spy announcements, No comments
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Our offices will be closed on January the 7th – the day when the Orthodox Church celebrates Christmas day. For more information about Orthodox Christmas please visit this link – Price2Spy software will work as usual, but the Support won’t be available during the holiday. We wish Merry Christmas to everyone that celebrates!
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The current market is very complex and dealers come up with many creative ways to lower their prices and increase their turnover. One of the more popular tricks is giving free shipping for their items instead of lowering prices (which would violate the minimal prices (MAP) agreed with the manufacturers). Shipping costs are often a deciding factor...
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We have simplified the user settings page! 4.5 years ago, when we started Price2Spy, it was a simple tool, and one page of user settings was more than enough. However, we have grown a lot since then and so did the complexity of the tool – which is why we had to do something about the...

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