Shopify collections – a new way of organizing product categories

09:46 21 July in New Price2Spy features
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We are constantly working on improving and optimizing our Price2Spy features. This time we’re here with some Shopify novelties. 

Shopify collections

Shopify has a new way of dealing with product categories in their storefront. They have an option called Shopify collections where products can be manually or automatically (assigning products to collections based on specific criteria) added. 

We have enabled integration based on your Shopify Collections so your products will be grouped as you are used to in your Shopify Store:

  • Custom collections –  contain products that are manually added to a collection by a merchant.
  • Smart collections –  contain products that are automatically added based on selection conditions that a merchant chooses

This doesn’t require any additional setup from your side – it’s just another option available in the Category field. 

shopify integration

Even though it’s small, we believe you’ll find this update useful. 

As always, we’re here for any questions you might have –


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