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There is no doubt that price is the most important factor for consumers when buying a product. It’s no surprise that 60% of internet users in the U.S. agree that price is more important than brand when buying a product. So. the right pricing strategy is an essential part of a good business, but with...
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As strange as it might sound, pricing isn’t only about the numbers. It’s about the knowledge behind it. Surrounded by fast and dynamic changes in the market, businesses need both knowledge and flexibility when trying to set the right pricing strategy.  What every business strives to achieve is the price that will create a balance between making a profit,...
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It is a very common mistake to think that dynamic pricing and price discrimination are the same thing. But they are not. The difference between the two is what they are based on. Dynamic pricing is based on market conditions at that given moment and on the other hand, price discrimination is based on customers’ characteristics....
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Doubtless, one of the most important thing in traditional commerce is the location of your store. Why is that? Well, because if you aren’t located near your target group, you won’t sell enough products. But, when it comes to e-commerce, the story is different. In this case, the location doesn’t matter, because your store (probably) doesn’t...

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