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With lots of players on the market and new ones popping out almost on a weekly basic, it is getting harder and harder to keep up. The increasing number of competitors is bringing millions of questions to a retailer’s mind – How to stay afloat against my competitors, what kind of methods can be valuable in...
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  Are you aiming for the lowest price in the market? Want to share it with your customers and provide them with a clear proof of it? Thinking of showing your competitors’ prices on your own website? Not convinced that it’s a good idea? One might presume that consumers would be all in favor of...
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Since Price2Spy clients come from virtually all parts of the world, we have gathered some comparative data which can help analyze competitiveness of online stores worldwide. 1) US & Canada – US data can be somewhat misleading since big US stores are actually big global names, so their pricing applies not only to the US,...

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