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Unexpected circumstances in which the whole world found itself due to the pandemic, forced businesses to make numerous changes. Nevertheless, Amazon still sovereignly rules the eCommerce market. It doesn’t take much to create a seller profile and to start selling products. However, the true challenge for brands lies in the fact of managing those sellers....
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You invested some serious time into creating your MAP policy. It’s very visible on your website, and you also made sure to send it out to all retailers that you’re collaborating with. No place for a mistake, right?  Yet, when you search for your products on the web, you find that there’s been a MAP violation. Some...
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Minimal Advertised Price (MAP) represents the lowest price that a retailer is allowed to advertise the products for sale. In order to put things clear for the very beginning, it is important to point out that this rule doesn’t define the lowest price by which the product will be sold, but only advertised. One of...

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