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One of the features that Price2Spy prides itself on is definitely API. We are constantly working on improving all features, so that was the case with API as well. Since we know how popular Python is, we decided to allow Price2Spy API requests through Python.  Several clients have also suggested this, and as we are...
11 August 2020 - 10:42, by , in Price2Spy announcements, No comments
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We are proud to announce another great partnership! This time Price2Spy has teamed up with Google Data Studio. Since they’re collaborating with a variety of companies, it is very important to point out that we are one of only 232 Google Data Studio partners! In case you’re not so familiar with what Google Data Studio...
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Microsoft PowerBI as an increasingly popular tool enabling users to do API Queries and Database analytics with very little IT effort. As more and more Price2Spy clients want to use it from Microsoft PowerBI, we have encountered several support questions. Therefore, we’ve created  a whole new page where we guide you through establishing a connection...
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One of the multiple features that Price2Spy has to offer is the REST API interface. However, there is one very important point when using REST API which seems to cause confusion among our clients, and it is related to performing the authorization process. So, let’s explain this in more detail. If a client uses REST...
7 March 2018 - 13:20, by , in New Price2Spy features, No comments
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Price2Spy API was launched back in 2013, offering only SOAP as API interface, which was very common back in those days. However, as technology progresses, we have received many questions from our clients – why don’t we offer REST API interface as well? REST is considered to be much more simple, and efficient interface, easier...

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