Electric equipment
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Electric equipment

Electric equipment - Can we monitor 100 000s of different SKUs? Of course, we can!


  • Huge number of different SKUs is what characterizes our clients from this industry – usually it’s 50K SKUs and more (in some cases even 500K different SKUs)
  • This industry has standardized part numbers

Greatest challenges

  • However, some manufacturers have real short part numbers (for example: 8145) which can lead to potential mismatches. In such cases we usually go for additional Automatch validation – making sure that the brand name is a match as well
  • On the other hand, this approach is not fully error-free, since (believe it or not!) brand names are not fully standardized (for example: some site will say GE, while other will name it General Electrics)

Our clients

Our Client: Oregon Scientific



Since this industry has standardized part numbers, meaning that Automatch is usually possible. Automatch is one of the product matching types that Price2Spy has to offer. Since price changes in this industry usually do not happen on daily basis, price monitoring frequency is typically done weekly.


API Integration

Integration with client’s eCommerce software, paired with Automatch approach enables full process automation – newly added products get auto-discovered on competitor sites, and Price2Spy starts monitoring them.


Pricing strategy

When having so many products it is very hard to keep track on all of the price changes happening.  Use Pricing Strategy module to reach that goal – see what are the suggested pricing changes that will increase your business performance.


Pricing dashboard

Pricing dashboard is consisted of a number of widgets (reports), and each widget can be used for different type of data.


MAP (minimal advertised price)

Unfortunately, there are always competitors who are trying to play against the market rules. In order to find out who they are, our clients can use MAP violation module. This particularly counts for the sites who try to hide such MAP violations by showing the price only after the product is added to the shopping cart.


Price index comparison reports

Price index is a very popular solution that clients from this industry go for. By using comparison reports, you will be able to see how do prices of a particular competitor compare to yours. On the other hand, Price Index will provide you an insight of how competitor prices were changing over time.