Fashion, Luxury

Fashion, Luxury

Fashion and Luxury - The role of price/assortment monitoring in the fashion industry


  • One of the specifics of this highly demanding industry is the ability to monitor not only the pricing, but product assortment as well
  • We are working with several renowned players from US, Canadian, UK, Latin American, Turkish, Arab and Indonesian markets – selling not only apparel, but watches, jewelry etc.
  • On the other hand, we provide services for several brands (mostly based in US and Western Europe) to monitor how prices of their own products compare to prices of their competitors.

Greatest challenges

  • Not all stores offer a full range of products from certain brands – so establishing who’s offering what can be a real challenge
  • As you can imagine, the fashion industry has no firmly standardized part numbers, meaning that manual product matching has very few alternatives

Our clients

Fashion, Luxury
Fashion, Luxury

Our Clients: DKNY, I.T


API Integration

The process of the API Integration requires from the client to start the process by inserting new products into Price2Spy. After that, the Automatch is performed, and the acquired data is sent back to the client.


Competitor product extraction

Need to extract all product data from competitor site in one go? Need a detailed overview of what your competitor’s assortment, along with full pricing / product description, category and brand information? Price2Spy team has mastered a website crawl & extraction process that could help your business gather such valuable data in bulk.


Price index comparison reports

When using comparison reports, you will be able to compare your prices to the competitor ones. Also, price Index will show how competitor prices were changing over time.