Tools, Machines

Tools, Machines

Tools, Machines - Construction, materials, and tools - efficient price monitoring techniques


  • In most cases, we’re dealing with products that do have MPN (manufacturer part number), but the websites we’re trying to monitor either do not make good use of these, or use them inconsistently
  • In quite a few cases we have coupled standard Price2Spy price monitoring service with crawling / scraping competitor website product content. In order to provide our clients with a source of structured product data – typically containing product name, description, image, and individual product attributes)

Greatest challenges

  • Versatile and demanding that’s what we reckon of tools / construction / machines industry. It’s often characterized by very versatile requirements, making it very difficult to identify what we’d call a ‘typical client’
  • Frequent assortment changes

Our clients

Tools, Machines

Our Client: Saint-Gobain


Alert emails

Price change alert emails are used, carefully segmented by category or brand (depending on the client’s internal organization)


Manual product matching

Some of our clients do it themselves (supplying us regularly with Excel sheets containing URLs), while others have hired Price2Spy to do both one-off checks for new SKUs to be added, and regular monthly account checks.


MAP (minimal advertised price)

MAP (minimal advertised price) violation module is used as a reliable tool when it comes to spotting competitors who are playing against the rules, and for documenting such occurrences.