Different competitors, different importance

Different competitors, different importance

Different competitors, different importance

Learn the logic of custom repricing rules implemented by this Swiss client

One of our clients from Switzerland is a retail company that sells 7,500 different e-cigarette products. They have been requested custom repricing rules based on competitor importance. The ability to customize services is one of the benefits that set Price2Spy apart from its competitors. 


We have clients coming from many different industries, therefore based on the industry conditions, their business plan, and pricing strategy, they make specific requests to the Price2Spy team. In the case of our e-cigarette retailer client, we have agreed to divide its competitors into two groups and start from there.

How did Price2Spy help?

As we agreed, we divided the client’s competitors into two groups: high importance and low importance. The client’s store offers over 7,500 products, while Price2Spy monitored key 3,000 products across 20 competitor websites once per week. An average product is monitored on up to 4 competitor websites.


Competitor Groups:


  • High importance – price is suggested based on the competitor with the highest price, that has a product in stock – 0.5% lower. If no Important Competitor has this product in stock, we keep the client’s price equal to the Minimal Advertised Price (as advised by the product manufacturer).
  • Low importance – price is suggested based on the competitor with the highest price, that has product in stock – 0.5% lower, but with a 45% profit margin. For price differences larger than 5%, we offer the same price as the competitor.


In this case, we perform non-automated repricing since the client did not configure the Repricing calculator to run automatically. Instead, the category manager logs into the Price2Spy App weekly and initiates the Repricing calculation. The manager manually selects which repricing suggestions to approve from an average of 25 that Price2Spy suggests per week. Repricing performed via Indirect Repricing requires a CSV file to be sent to the client, where the client’s category manager picks it up and performs the price change.

Additional information

For the client’s general information, take a look at the table on the right.


If you find yourself in a similar situation where different competitors of yours are differently important to you, reach us at info@price2spy.com, and we will propose the best possible solution for your needs.


Price2Spy can help if you need help setting the best pricing strategy for your business. In case you are interested in understanding how the tool works, sign up for a free 30-day trial.

Features Details
Country Switzerland
Client size Basic
Category Managers 1
Industry Consumer electronics
Platform /
Number of products 7500