Integration - API

Integrating your own software with Price2Spy API

Integration - API

Easy to use

Easy for developers to develop your side of the application, no matter what programming language or technology they use.

Multiple interface support

Use SOAP or REST interface. If you prefer, you can connect Power BI, Looker Studio or Tableau.

Premium feature

Access to Price2Spy API is available to our clients with Premium accounts.

General API Documentation

This guide explains data structure, usage scenarios, and general concepts, applicable to both SOAP and API interfaces).

We strongly recommend reading this guide before proceeding!

SOAP Interface

If you are using Microsoft Power BI, Google Data Studio, or Tableau, you can still access Price2Spy API by connecting it to your own software. 


In order to establish a seamless connection, there are certain steps that need to be followed from your side and you can find them on the following pages:

Integration - API

Microsoft Power BI

Integration - API

Google Data Studio

Integration - API

Price2Spy - API Integration Video Guide