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How thoroughly and clearly you understand the concept behind AI and ML, their influence in our daily life, and how important they are for your business. Let’s start from the beginning, AI stands for Artificial Intelligence while ML stands for Machine Learning.  Even though our two keywords in today’s article became a mainstream topic in...
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Years ago, customer interactions were limited to call centers or retail outlets. Nowadays, by the technology rise, the field of customer experience became more opened up for new opportunities for engagement. The customer experience (often referred to as CX), defines the perception of the experience that the customer had with your brand. In fact, in the situation...
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E-commerce has come a long way since its beginning in the late XX century. Today, it makes up 11,9% of total sales, which is 1,7% more than in 2017. This number is going to continue to grow due to the popularity of online shopping, which has become an essential part of everyday life for millions...

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