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As per Statista, the online grocery delivery business will see huge growth in 2021. The major reason for this growth is the growing online options. Nowadays, online options are more accessible, convenient, and save time; consumers are more than willing to order from on-demand grocery delivery apps. What are on-demand Grocery Delivery Apps? On-demand grocery...
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This holiday season is set to be unlike any other in the past. Everyone eagerly awaits the holiday season in the hope that it will increase sales and at least partially mitigate the effects of the Covid-19 crisis. That is precisely why eCommerce waters have been turbulent more than usual during this time of the...
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The pandemic stirred up eCommerce waters. Customer behavior and customer relationship suddenly became more important than ever and we’ve been overwhelmed with different research regarding this topic. While customer behavior received huge attention, one sphere was left less-documented – how the relationship between brands and retailers was affected by this situation? We are witnessing an...
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In economic terms, the COVID-19 pandemic has only confirmed what has been talked about over the years – eCommerce is increasingly paving the way in the business world. Thanks to the rapid development of technology, within a short period of time an emerging market of eCommerce has become a dominant form of organizing business activities....
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Around ten weeks have passed since the World Health Organization officially confirmed the existence of a new ARS-CoV-2 virus, causing COVID-19 disease, with the first cases reported in Wuhan, China. The virus spread quickly from the city of Wuhan through the whole of China, causing more than 81000 infected and more than 3000 deaths up...
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At the time when panic starts to rise about the world’s number one topic – Coronavirus (COVID-19), the smartest thing all IT firms can do is to start working remotely. We don’t want anyone to be sick, therefore the whole Price2Spy team will be working remotely from March 13th. As important as it is not...

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