Computers & Network
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Computers & Network

Computers & Network - when margins are so low, price monitoring is a must


  • The number of competitors can really vary (starting from 5, all the way up to 60) – this mainly depends on the market situation;
  • The number of individual products can also vary – from 500 (suitable for manual product matching) – all the way up to 25 000 (matched by the Automatch process);
  • One of the main specifics of this market is that besides offering new products, some of our clients are also offering the used or refurbished variations of the same product. Therefore, depending on their condition products need to be tracked separately.

Greatest challenges

  • Having clients who besides new products are offering the used and refurbished ones represents one of the main price monitoring challenges in this industry: we need to make sure we never compare a used product to a new one.
  • Because of the large number of products price change alerts are usually used only for key product categories (other products get covered by Automated Price matrix report)

Our clients

Our Client: Device Deal


Pricing dashboard

When you want to easily configure your pricing reports, you can use Pricing dashboard. It is consisted of many useful widgets: price dynamics, stock dynamics, pricing landscape, multiple products from same site, and product history chart.


Pricing strategy

By using this module Price2Spy becomes the best dynamic pricing engine for your online store. It will help you make precise repricing decisions, and keep track of decisions you’ve done in the past.


MAP (minimal advertised price)

Price2Spy will enable you reacting to important price change alerts (for example, when a competitor lowers the price below a certain threshold). In case MAP-enforcement is needed, Price2Spy will indicate the MAP-pricing violations.


Price change alerts

Price change alerts are usually used only for key product categories (other products get covered by Automated Price matrix report – preferably showing only the products with price changes within last 24 hours)



This industry has standardized part numbers, meaning that Automatch is usually possible. Automatch is a brand-new automated way of product matching. The idea is to automate what’s been a manual task so far.


One account for multiple markets

Having many competitors from different countries can be difficult, but with Price2Spy it doesn’t need to be. Price2Spy can monitor websites from many different markets (which have different currencies) from a single account. Couldn’t be easier!