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How thoroughly and clearly you understand the concept behind AI and ML, their influence in our daily life, and how important they are for your business. Let’s start from the beginning, AI stands for Artificial Intelligence while ML stands for Machine Learning.  Even though our two keywords in today’s article became a mainstream topic in...
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If you’re looking for a way to quickly increase your revenue, look no further. We have gathered a list of 6 smart ways you can shape your sales strategy and sell your products and services faster.  Rethink the way you present your solution Have you been using the same messaging to describe your products and...
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G2’s Momentum Grid report represents the voice of real product users. Price2Spy has won a Leader’s position in the Winter 2022 Momentum Grid report for Pricing which highlights the voice of real Price2Spy clients.  G2 is a review platform that aims to help buyers to discover and select the right solution for their needs. Every...
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The eternal struggle of man is what kind of a person is right to be, high-principled and consistent or yet flexible and adaptable. Do you stick with your decisions, whether on a personal or business level or are you the one open to negotiating? We are going to give you the explanation and examples through...
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How would you like to choose the price of products that you’re buying? Well, there are some businesses that are offering just that! Such businesses are based on a “pay what you can” system where customers can choose among a few prices.  You might be surprised to know that this actually brings profit to the...
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As you already know, Price2Spy is an online price monitoring tool that is suitable for brands, retailers, and distributors. Since we’re covering a large spectrum of client’s requirements, it’s no surprise that we have more than 700 clients. When you read these numbers, you would think that we are swamped with great reviews and testimonials....
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B2B stands as a very short and easy shorthand for something that is not nearly as simple as it seems – business to business strategy. Primarily this strategy targets companies and bulk buyers, while the other well-known one, B2C is directed to individual customers. Therefore, how buyers make their decisions also affect the strategies that we...

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