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Being one step ahead of your competition pushes you to always be on your toes, by knowing what they are up to next. As we often like to point out, price monitoring is not the only factor in your success, even though the price plays a very important role. With the constant growth of the...
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Did you know that over 87% of shopping journeys start online now? Well, at least that was before the coronavirus outbreak. Now, with social distancing and countries being in lockdown, there is a massive opportunity in how retailers can invest in optimizing their online stores. There is an often-used narrative that today’s consumers are more demanding,...
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Price2Spy clients who are using our Repricing Module already know that we’re offering high flexibility when it comes to our Repricing opportunities. In addition to Custom repricing opportunities, default types of repricing opportunities help you define your own pricing strategies, which can be segmented either per product category, brand or supplier (or – for all the products in...
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Customers are very sensitive to price changes. People’s spending habits are limited by their budgets. And any price change can affect and change them. Because of this, the demand for some products will change due to the price changes (up or down). This is known as the price elasticity of demand. For example, if the price of gas...
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We at Price2Spy know that all of our clients are different, have different requirements and goals, so we’re always glad to offer you custom solutions – whether it’s a custom report, custom export file format or, custom delivery method, regardless of the what your specific request is. Actually, this is one of the reasons that makes Price2Spy so popular...
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With the growing number of Price2Spy clients, especially the ones using Repricing, we decided to introduce new features into our Repricing Opportunities (Clever Raise / Clever Drop). Until now, when defining an Opportunity (Clever Raise / Clever Drop), you were only able to set percentage you want your price to be cheaper by and you...

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