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Product images are arguably the most important element of any eCommerce website. If they aren’t appealing, sharp, attractive, or relevant enough, your conversion rates will suffer.  However, there’s more to choosing effective product page images than simply ensuring they look nice. They need to tick several boxes if you want your shoppers to have the...
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What has been the most significant benefit of the eCommerce boom? ECommerce marketplaces allow several different businesses to connect with users and leverage the platform for higher growth. Take the example of Etsy, one of the most popular custom gifts and handmade item marketplace.  In 2005, a bookseller and construction worker, Rob Kalin, wanted to...
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You haven’t heard from us in a while, but now we’re back with great news! As always, we’ve been busy improving our tool so that you, our clients, can use it for improving your business even further!  This time we’re here with a couple of novelties regarding one of our most popular features – Repricing. ...
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All eCommerce websites should take search engine optimization (SEO) seriously. When it comes to having an SEO strategy, what comes to mind? Getting user traffic, views, and clicks. But how can you get traffics, views, and clicks? Or, in the case of eCommerce, how can you get shoppers to shop your website?  Perhaps you might...
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If the challenging 2020 has taught us anything, it is that the eCommerce environment has changed for good and that retailers need to give their best to adapt to the digitally-driven economy. That shift means entering a new phase of adopting AI-powered automation. Moreover, IBM Institute states that more the 40% of the organizations are...
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Have you ever paused to consider the factors that make you buy the things you buy? How about those that influence your customers to purchase from you rather than your competitors?  Unlocking these data is important if you want to improve your numbers.  This is especially crucial if you’re an eCommerce entrepreneur. After all, you...
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We are happy to announce our visit to the eCommerce Berlin Expo on May 5th 2022! The eCommerce Berlin Expo is the largest eCommerce event in Germany. Year after year, this event attracts more than 10,000 international visitors and over 200 exhibitors. This year’s edition takes place in STATION Berlin on May 5th  and it...
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E-commerce continues to grow in popularity across industries as the digital economy gains traction for consumers. More and more businesses that sell online face heightened competition and pressure to adapt to technology trends that impact efficiency and the customer experience. For e-commerce businesses to stay relevant in today’s digital economy, they must integrate technology into...
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These days internet users between 18 to 34 years old purchase through social media platforms. It means that social media is a great help to online businesses. It means that social media is essential for every eCommerce business. What is social media eCommerce marketing? Social media is a helpful platform for eCommerce to promote an...
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With Statista’s forecast that global retail sales will reach a record $26.69 trillion by the end of 2022, the eCommerce industry will yet enjoy year-on-year growth yet again. If nothing else, the global pandemic encouraged consumers to spend more online, ideally positioning eCommerce companies to reap the rewards, especially international retailers with worldwide customers.  eCommerce...

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