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When you start to dive into the pricing strategies, it soon becomes a bottomless hole with new strategies popping up one after another. Since you seemed to be pretty interested in our blog post about dynamic pricing, we decided to explain another pricing strategy that is very closely related to it – differential pricing.  Read...
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Product pricing is one of the most difficult decisions for companies to make when it is time to launch a new product. There are many types of pricing strategies present in the business world. In the sea of different pricing models you, as a business owner, need to find the suitable one. In contrast, product...
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No matter if you have the best product or service in the world, if you don’t have solid marketing and pricing strategies you may be doomed in the current competitive world. When determining a product or brand’s offer as a key component of the marketing mix[i], pricing plays a critical role. So, when it comes...
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The key to success in the eCommerce business is the right price. Prices are going up and down constantly, and how it’s set will determine your position on the market. The right price is the one that drives the most customers and ensures your profitability and protects your market position, so pay attention to the...
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Pricing intelligence is an irreplaceable part of today’s successful business. Pricing competition has become hotter than ever due to massive growth in online retail that’s driven by more and more customers. The transparency of eCommerce gives customers the ability to easily see which store has the lowest price or which one has the best offer...
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If you’re using our Pricing strategies, there is a new addition you should check out. Columns Current profitability and Suggested profitability have been added in the preview of the following pricing opportunities: Clever drop and Clever raise. Briefly, new columns represent the potential profitability that can be actualized by adjusting your prices according to the...

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