What is Price2Spy : Testimonials


By its nature, Price2Spy is a very sensitive and discrete tool. For that reason, we have to be very careful about our client's data privacy, which is an absolute priority for us.

Therefore, we will not be able to show too many testimonials nor success stories on this page. The ones we will show should just give you a brief idea on how Price2Spy can be used in your own business.

Leading manufacturer of professional audio devices - Worldwide

World's leading provider of premium audio solutions, specializing in the design and production of a wide range of high fidelity audio products, for both professional and personal use. With the experience of being in the business over decades, the company provides a combination of superior quality, comfort and durability for their clients.


  1. Extremely competitive, sensitive and volatile market
  2. Large number of products to be monitored (several dozens)
  3. Over 400 key retailers to be monitored worldwide
  4. Need to know when retailers get out of stock
  5. Need to protect brand value / reputation all over the world
  6. Retailers need to be clearly differentiated per country


  • Monitoring the pricing of several dozens of their retailers worldwide - in order to ensure that they comply to agreed pricing policy
  • Get notified when retailers get out of stock (contact retailer and ask if they need to order new quantities)
  • Understand the market changes caused by introduction of marketplaces (Amazon and others)
  • First they started monitoring markets within EUR-zone, and then expanded to UK, Scandinavia, CH
  • Will soon start monitoring US, Canada, and Asian markets

Conduqt BV - Netherlands (www.conduqt.com)

This testimonial is published with the client's full consent. Price2Spy will never publish any of our clients' details unless we are given permission to do so.

Under the wings of Conduqt, e-commerce concepts are being developed into successful companies that operate both online and offline. Conduqt covers the entire e-commerce and logistics process with experience, competent experts and market-specific knowledge. In addition, the company has linked its own market knowledge of consumer electronics to their e-commerce disciplines. As a result, their own sites have also been launched: SoundStore , GetLoud and TVQ.


  1. Monitoring consumer electronics products
  2. Comparison of the prices of well-known brands on various competitors sites
  3. Monitoring more than 40 competitors sites
  4. Price changes occur often, but not too frequently
  5. New products appearing frequently
  6. Product variations - same URL, different price


  • Price checks once a day
  • Reliance on price change alert e-mails, filtered by category
  • Manual matching of the products carried out by Price2Spy matching team
  • Monitoring product variations on the same URL - parameters
  • Account is being constantly expanded
  • One price check per day manages to capture recent price changes

Price2Spy helps us to keep an overview of the market and thanks to the fast and reliable information we can respond properly and adjust our own prices. Great and fast support makes the collaboration even more enjoyable!

Richard Kremer, Conduqt Consumer Electronic Division

Select Shops - Canada (www.selectshops.com)

This testimonial is published with the client's full consent. Price2Spy will never publish any of our clients' details unless we are given permission to do so.

One of Canada's leading eTailers that provides you the best solution to your home decor needs. Whether you're looking for blinds, rugs and mirrors you are sure to find the perfect ones with SelectShops. Combining quality, value, and selection with friendly customer service is their straightforward approach to earning satisfied clients.


  1. Monitoring products from the home decor industry
  2. Focus on top selling SKUs
  3. Monitoring different markets
  4. Monitoring approximately 10 competitors
  5. Product variations (e.g. sizes and prices) – all sharing the same URL
  6. Frequent price changes


  • Product matching performed manually and periodically by Price2Spy's data entry team
  • Premium account
  • Monitoring of product variations using site parameters
  • Possibility of a managed account - a part of the manual work caused by competitor sites' layout changes is performed on a monthly basis and included in the monthly fee

Price2Spy is a useful and filexible tool that has helped us monitor changes in the home decor industry more effeciently. We are still in the process exploring all of the useful features Price2Spy offers and are looking forward to implementing some additional functionality in the future.

Evan Posner, Select Shops

Varle - Lithuania (www.varle.lt)

This testimonial is published with the client's full consent. Price2Spy will never publish any of our clients' details unless we are given permission to do so.

Working with major equipment suppliers and manufacturers from Lithuania and abroad, Varle is Lithuania’s leading chain of online and offline shops selling computers and electronic appliances. Over 120 employees, in more than 20 shops all over Lithuania implement Varle’s core values, and thus make sure that their customers get fair and low prices along with some useful advice.


  1. Wide variety of products to be monitored (mobile / smart phones / fitness / kitchen appliances etc etc)
  2. Very unstable market - more than 100 competitors in Lithuania, very frequent price changes
  3. Pricing data needed in own ERP software, for analytical / reporting purposes


  • Because of large number of competitors, and very wide range of products  monitored, Automatch was not advisable.
  • Instead, Varle are performing manual product matching themselves, based on their judgement of competitor importance
  • A typical product is monitored on 5 - 10 websites. However, these websites differ from one product to another
  • Price2Spy API integration (performed in matter of days) enabled Varle to receive raw pricing data directly in it's database, where it's at disposal for their own ERP software
  • In addition to that Varle makes use of Automated Price Matrix report, which they receive  every morning in their inbox
  • Several widgets covering 'Price cheaper than mine' and 'Share of cheapest products' defined in Pricing Dashboard (for most important product brands) - in order to speed up to everyday work with Price2Spy

In such a competitive market, having a powerful and accurate tool like Price2Spy is a must for every online merchant.

Marius Butauskas, CEO, Varle.lt

Total Sonic - Netherlands (www.totalsonic.nl)

This testimonial is published with the client's full consent. Price2Spy will never publish any of our clients' details unless we are given permission to do so.

Total Sonic offers exclusive import and distribution to retailers dealing with top brands from the music industry. Based in the Netherlands, but also operating in Belgium and Luxembourg.


  1. Monitoring products from the music industry - easily matchable because of unique SKUs
  2. Focus on more than 100 products from multiple brands
  3. Monitoring nearly 150 dealers - some of them for a large number of products, some of them for key products only
  4. Due to the extremely dynamic market, manual pricing data analysis can be time-consuming
  5. Frequent price changes difficult to follow with 1 price check per day (especially when it comes to chain-reaction price changes on the market)


  • Easily matchable products according to SKUs usually contained in the product name
  • Client performs his matching manually (client’s own choice)
  • Due to the large number of sites and small number of products, Automatch wouldn't be a practical solution - instead the client opted for manual product matching
  • Upgrading to a Premium account enabled more frequent price checks and multiple Automated reports
  • Automating several reports filtered according to the client's choice
  • Several Dashboard widgets illustrating pricing and stock dynamics and the share of cheapest products

We have been referred to Price2Spy by a friend’s company in 2013 and have been a happy client ever since. With the growth of our business our needs have grown too, but Price2Spy successfully keeps up with our needs.

Sebastiaan Stierman, Total Sonic B.V.

Steve McCardell - USA (www.mccardellwrite.com)

This testimonial is published with the client's full consent. Price2Spy will never publish any of our clients' details unless we are given permission to do so.

Steve McCardell provides business writing and content marketing services since 2001. Over 17 years experience in the field, he helps business to grow with his overall effort. Additionally, he shares his ideas, suggestions marketing tips and tools on his website on a regular basis.


I have been using Price2Spy for more than a year with one of my clients. For those who need to compare competitor pricing, I cannot recommend this highly enough. It's not only intuitive and very well priced, but the company offers unbelievable support -- better than almost any company I've worked with. While they're based overseas (I'm in the US), communication is fast​, accurate, and efficient. Technical support is offered quickly, sometimes before I've even asked. Most companies slow down on support once you're onboarded as a customer. Price2Spy has always offered premium attention.

Steve McCardell

HD Tools - Netherlands (www.hd-gereedschap.nl)

This testimonial is published with the client's full consent. Price2Spy will never publish any of our clients' details unless we are given permission to do so.

One of the leading internet stores in the Netherlands for the sale of professional tools. HD-TOOLS specializes in selling power tools and related consumable products for professional use.


  1. Specific category of products to be monitored - professional tools with mostly unique serial numbers
  2. Focus on about 100 products
  3. Monitoring around 20 key competitors
  4. Product range is rapidly expanding which makes price analysis too time consuming if all competitors need to be viewed manually
  5. Keeping the promise to the clients of being amongst the cheapest competitors 


  • Easily matchable products according to serial numbers usually contained in the product name
  • Client does his own matching manually
  • Due to the small number of products, Automatch made no economic sense - therefore manual product matching was chosen
  • Several Dashboard widgets covering pricing dynamics and the share of cheapest products
  • Great potential in using the Pricing Strategies - especially the Clever raise opportunity

Even though I have just recently subscribed to Price2Spy, it has made price monitoring so simple for me. I can easily focus on my key competitors and get a great overview of pricing by using Reports and Dashboard widgets. I am looking forward to implementing other features to my price monitoring practice, such as the Pricing strategies.

Joost Stekelenburg, HD-TOOLS B.V.

Boodschappenscanner.nl - Netherlands (Boodschappenscanner.nl)

This testimonial is published with the client's full consent. Price2Spy will never publish any of our clients' details unless we are given permission to do so.

A new platform, still in the up-and-coming stage, that offers consumers an opportunity to compare prices in supermarkets. Operating in the Dutch market, Boodschappenscanner gives you a chance to avoid in-store frustration and save time by comparing prices from the comfort of your own home.


  1. Monitoring a wide range of products sold in supermarkets
  2. Price changes on a daily basis - but not more frequent
  3. Matching a large number of products that are time-sensitive might be challenging if performed by our data entry team
  4. Due to extremely dynamic environment, manual pricing analysis is not effective
  5. Still exploring options in price monitoring practices with a huge potential of expansion


  • Client performs his matching manually due to time-sensitivity (client’s own choice)
  • Tested the Premium, but opted for Basic due to not so frequent price changes
  • Automating several reports filtered according to the client's preference
  • Great use of the Price Matrix report due to its neat and well-organized layout
  • Multiple Pricing Dashboard widgets used for pricing data analysis

We are an up-and-coming company looking for an aid in monitoring prices in supermarkets. Price2Spy has helped us automate this part of our business. Numerous useful and illustrative reports and widgets are also great time-savers when analyzing the collected data.

Maarten Pruijn, Boodschappenscanner.nl

TiboToys - Belgium (www.tibotoys.com)

This testimonial is published with the client's full consent. Price2Spy will never publish any of our clients' details unless we are given permission to do so.

Your dedicated LEGO® specialist from Belgium. The company offers a wide range of LEGO® products with contentiously updated catalog for their clients.


Our client, an online reseller of A-brand toys, was faced with two challenges:

  1. Selling at the right price: not too cheap, not too expensive, thus generating a profitable margin. Monitoring availability of competitors, as it contains useful info with regard to price adjustments.
  2. Plenty of competitorsSeveral price changes per dayConstant stock changes on competitor sites


  • Monitoring the core range of products of each brand soon revealed patterns in competitor's behavior.  Our client is now able to sell at a higher average margin, and by aligning strategic products sales more than tripled over the last two years.
  • Ability to detect changes fast and accurately makes Price2Spy an unmissable part of daily operations.
  • Media Marketing did the initial setup for the client, and still monitors background processes e.g. changes in competitor's website, product updates etc.

Consumer electronic retailer - Benelux


  1. A multitude of own websites dealing with a different types of merchandize (kitchen appliances, TVs, cameras and so on)
  2. Plenty of competitors (100+)
  3. Hundreds of new products getting included in the client's offer on a weekly basis
  4. A single product's price may change several times a day
  5. Constant stock changes on competitor sites
  6. Constant need for matching new products
  7. Need to monitor shipping costs, promotional price and cashbacks (apart from regular product price)
  8. Given the large number of products, automated price changes need to be done on the client's sites


Automated product matching (Automatch) - since there were 10 000s of SKUs to be monitored, manual product matching would have turned out to be way too expensive / time-consuming. Given that products were matchable by SKUs and EANs, Automated product matching was just the right choice.

  • Price2Spy Premium account was needed for several reasons:

    • New products to be monitored (the ones newly included in the offer) are added to Price2Spy via Price2Spy API (which is only available with a Premium account). API is also there to enable 'Repricing' - automated price changes according to the previously set rules
    • Premium price plans give a possibility to capture additional product fields (shipping costs, cashbacks and so on)
    • Price checks to be performed more than ones a day (with a Premium account, price checks can be performed up to 8 times a day)

  • Automatch - continual product matching both for new products (added via the API) and the ones that did not have matches in previous rounds. That is how we made sure that the automated matching process is performed on a daily basis and no matching products on competitor sites are missing at any time. However, due to the constant changes on competitor sites (more than 100 of them), a periodical manual check has been introduced in order to detect necessary changes in the Automatch procedures.

MEDISHOP XL - Europe (www.medishopxl.com)

This testimonial is published with the client's full consent. Price2Spy will never publish any of our clients' details unless we are given permission to do so.

Authorized dealer of medical instruments - currently operating on Dutch, Belgian, German, UK, French, Italian and Spanish markets (and planning to expand to Scandinavia).


  1. Need to focus only on top selling products (several dozen products)
  2. 50+ international competitors
  3. Need to make prompt decisions
  4. Competitors need to be clearly differentiated per country


  • Price2Spy Basic Large price plan
  • Automated report showing current prices configured to be sent on a daily basis
  • Instant price change alerts to help client keep track of price / availability changes as soon as they occur

We've been greatly impressed with the technical features of the tool and how fast the new features were being added and implemented. We are referring to the Competitor group feature in particular, now I can have a clear view of the different competitors per country! Very nice!


US car part dealer


  1. Large number of products - nearly 50K
  2. More or less niche market, so not too many competitors to be monitored
  3. Products do have MPNs to be uniquely matched by. However, some part numbers appear to be too vague (example: 500) - meaning straightforward matching would lead to many mismatches
  4. Not too frequent price changes


  • Automated product matching (Automatch) used to setup the account given the huge number of products and not too many competitors. However, due to the low data quality for some of the SKUs, Automated product matching had to be performed not only by MPNs, but by linguistic proximity as well
  • Price2Spy Basic account is needed, since new products are to be added via CSV import (after that Automatch kicks in)
  • Price Matrix report (exported to Excel) used by the client to import the pricing data into their own system, where price adjustments get done

Ramcity - Australia's leading RAM dealer

This testimonial is published with client's (RamCity) full consent. Price2Spy will never publish any of our client's details unless we are given permission to do so.

RamCity is a niche supplier of computer memory and data storage upgrade components. From the Home to the Enterprise, over 14 years of experience supplying upgrades for Macs, desktops, laptops and server infrastructure.


  1. Extremely competitive, sensitive and volatile market;
  2. 10 prime competitors to monitor;
  3. Unable to extract data for Google AdWords.

The client – RamCity - is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of computer memory and storage upgrades. Established in 2003, the company has been operating in the ever-changing market with great success. The client is now in need of reliable information on competitors’ actions according to which decisions concerning prices, promotions, etc. are made.


  • Standard Price2Spy account used by RamCity to keep a close  eye on all price / product availability changes of its key competitors;
  • Web crawler – a non-standard Price2Spy service designed to meet the client’s particular needs (collecting data later to be used with Google AdWords)– ran through the site in order to collect the demanded data. Given the complex site structure and large number of products (and yet larger number of URLs), web harvesting took several days. What made the whole process even more challenging was the IP address control because of which the crawler could have been blocked – meaning that our crawler had to ‘walk on its toes’.

I’ve been most impressed by the technical ability and timely service the Price2Spy team has provided to RamCity.

Rod Bland – Ramcity CEO & Upgrade Evangelis



Medium sized European nursery furniture retailer


  1. Very competitive and volatile market
  2. Frequent stock changes and new products being added to clients online offer all the time
  3. Several competitors chosen to start with


  • Price2Spy Basic Large +  Manual Account Maintenance
  • Weekly CSV feed - the client sends us newly added products which get imported into it's Price2Spy account
  • As we also offered manual account maintenance by our team, that means that once a week (once new products get imported), our product matching team starts with the account maintenance:

    • Check competitor sites for new products and load matches the to Price2Spy
    • Double check for the products that were not found on competitor sites previously

Dudi Co. - Serbia (www.dudico.com)

This testimonial is published with the client's full consent. Price2Spy will never publish any of our clients' details unless we are given permission to do so.

The company Dudi Co. d.o.o. based in Subotica, is one of the leading Serbian companies in the field of import and trade of audio-video and computer media and accessories for computer and audio-video equipment. The company was founded in 1996 and is one of the most successful online businesses in Northern Serbia. Dudi Co. is also an official representative of several world-renowned brands in Serbia.


  1. Serbian market is very price sensitive for consumer electronics products
  2. Wide variety of competitors aggressively undercutting the prices
  3. Monitoring more than 20 most important competitors’ sites
  4. PCompetitor change prices too often to be monitored manually
  5. Data analysis needed in order to establish market trends
  6. Repricing / adjusting the prices to stay ahead of the competition


  • Automated price checks once a day
  • Reacting on price change alert e-mails
  • Price change analytics & alerting
  • One price check per day manages to capture recent price changes
  • Product managers check analytical reports to establish market trends
  • Indirect repricing module used in order to suggest products with potential clever drops / clever raises

We have a successful long-term collaboration with Price2Spy which helps us to keep an overview of the market, stay ahead of the competition and adjust the prices in response to market demands.

Sanja Bunford, Marketing Manager

Scandinavian gardening equipment manufacturer


  1. Need to enforce strict MAP (minimal advertised price) policy on retail sites worldwide.
  2. This client experienced problems with retailers who were not complying to MAP, thus damaging the client's general brand value.


  • Price2Spy Premium Medium account;
  • Monitoring the pricing of several dozens of their retailers worldwide - in order to ensure that they comply to MAP policy defined by the client;
  • Saving at least 8 hours of manual work per week.

Home appliances online retail site - UK


  1. A multitude of competitors, need reliable tool for making prompt pricing decisions;
  2. Startup company, small budget for non-core activities.


  • Price2Spy Basic XL account - no need to hire a workforce in order to check competitor Websites;
  • Product matching / data entry service used to set up price monitoring for more than 1600 products across half a dozen competitor Websites.
  • 2 years on -  this client has have managed to set a foothold on UK home appliances market, with a steady growth.

Our own success story - WEBCentric and its Serbian webshops

WEBCentric owns several (9, to be more precise) online stores operating in the Serbian market - which is very sensitive in terms of pricing and competition. Basically, Serbian customers are not that wealthy, and they compare very carefully all available stores in order to find the one with the lowest price. WEBCentric's focus was to keep its price on the low end, and therefore required a tool which would help keep prices up to date.

Therefore, we were spending hours and hours checking our competitors' Websites, finding out their price changes. It was taking more and more resources, and we saw no way out of it, until we figured out that we can make a tool which will do the hard work for us.

After 6 months of development, we came up with a tool (now known as Price2Spy) which helped us increase our turnover by 35% (in less than 6 months time), while at the same time we freed up our product manager's time to perform more quality work, contact new suppliers, improve delivery quality, etc .

Needless to say, WEBCentric considers Price2Spy an ultimate business intelligence tool, which has become an integral part of our business decision making process.