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There is no doubt that price is the most important factor for consumers when buying a product. It’s no surprise that 60% of internet users in the U.S. agree that price is more important than brand when buying a product. So. the right pricing strategy is an essential part of a good business, but with...
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As a SaaS company, there is one incredibly valuable aspect that your company needs to use in its growth strategy – flexibility. But what exactly does it mean to be flexible? The understanding of flexibility will of course vary from company to company, depending on their business environment. In the case of Price2Spy, flexibility is...
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Pricing intelligence is an irreplaceable part of today’s successful business. Pricing competition has become hotter than ever due to massive growth in online retail that’s driven by more and more customers. The transparency of eCommerce gives customers the ability to easily see which store has the lowest price or which one has the best offer...
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The importance of using the right pricing strategy has been accepted by many companies. A 1-percent price increase or decrease will influence the results in terms of profit. Therefore, thousands of pricing decisions are made by different companies in every year – in order to deliver best prices. Unfortunately, some of them don’t succeed, which...

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