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In over 4 years we’ve been in business, the philosophy of Price2Spy was ‘We provide you with competitor pricing data, you make business decisions yourself’. Today we’re introducing a brand new feature – Pricing Strategy – which could mark the first step in a direction of Price2Spy not only providing the raw data, but also...
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  Are you aiming for the lowest price in the market? Want to share it with your customers and provide them with a clear proof of it? Thinking of showing your competitors’ prices on your own website? Not convinced that it’s a good idea? One might presume that consumers would be all in favor of...
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We are very pleased to announce something that we’ve been working on for last 4 months: we have made Price2Spy a fully scalable and distributed application, in such a way that we can track virtually unlimited number of products worldwide. Not only that, we have migrated to a fully distributed architecture, where our servers are...
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Since Price2Spy clients come from virtually all parts of the world, we have gathered some comparative data which can help analyze competitiveness of online stores worldwide. 1) US & Canada – US data can be somewhat misleading since big US stores are actually big global names, so their pricing applies not only to the US,...
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The more competitive eCommerce becomes, the more pricing strategies are being used by the retailers and brands. Of course, not every strategy is applicable for every business, but the bouncing price technique is especially questionable. Let’s explain why is that the case. What is a bouncing price technique? Well, as the name suggests, a bouncing...

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