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29 January 2018 - 9:45, by , in New Price2Spy features, No comments
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With the growing number of Price2Spy clients, especially the ones using Repricing, we decided to introduce new features into our Repricing Opportunities (Clever Raise / Clever Drop). Until now, when defining an Opportunity (Clever Raise / Clever Drop), you were only able to set percentage you want your price to be cheaper by and you...
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The importance of using the right pricing strategy has been accepted by many companies. A 1-percent price increase or decrease will influence the results in terms of profit. Therefore, thousands of pricing decisions are made by different companies in every year – in order to deliver best prices. Unfortunately, some of them don’t succeed, which...
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Automated repricing is a very appealing feature to many online merchants. It is attractive and popular among retailers because it seemingly makes price change process fully automated. However, behind that appeal there is a big controversy, and we’ll try to shed some light on it with this post. Lets start with some PROs of automated...

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