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Tech Trends That Will Shake Up E-Commerce

15:40 18 January in Guest post
Reading Time: 5 minutes

Source: E-commerce has had a period of massive growth thanks to the pandemic and it’s expected that online sales will only continue increasing in the nearest future. That being said, not every e-commerce business sees the same success as its competitors. That’s why it’s particularly important...

Top 10 Guides For Managing Your Working Capital In Your Ecommerce Business

14:24 14 January in Guest post
Reading Time: 7 minutes

Access to much-needed working capital has been a recurring challenge for e-commerce businesses. Lenders view these alternative business models as riskier than their traditional brick-and-mortar counterparts. Indeed, e-commerce stores are subject to unique risks like service disruption involving their websites, security breaches, and changes in Google’s...

Excellent Customer Service: 5 Tips, 3 Proven Strategies and 2 Customer Service Secrets

10:28 04 January in Guest post
Reading Time: 6 minutes

Source : It goes without saying that a strong customer support approach is the bedrock of any successful organization. No matter how excellent your products/services are, if a single bad encounter compromises the client experience, consumer trust might be lost. A great customer service strategy aims to...