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These days internet users between 18 to 34 years old purchase through social media platforms. It means that social media is a great help to online businesses. It means that social media is essential for every eCommerce business. What is social media eCommerce marketing? Social media is a helpful platform for eCommerce to promote an...
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With Statista’s forecast that global retail sales will reach a record $26.69 trillion by the end of 2022, the eCommerce industry will yet enjoy year-on-year growth yet again. If nothing else, the global pandemic encouraged consumers to spend more online, ideally positioning eCommerce companies to reap the rewards, especially international retailers with worldwide customers.  eCommerce...
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Reputation is the beliefs or opinions that are generally held about someone or something. To maintain a successful business, you should establish, continuously improve, and monitor your brand reputation. Your business reputation is crucial if you strive to be at the top of the market. How is reputation even related to MSRP or MAP? And...
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Do you have an eCommerce website? Are you looking for an effective eCommerce marketing plan? To promote your products and service, you need to know an effective marketing plan. If you are looking for such kinds of things, you are in the right place. This article is full of a package where you will get...
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Many sites are trying to prevent the automated price monitoring performed by Price2Spy and similar tools. Fnac.ch and Fnac.be are one of these sites, constantly trying to ban such traffic. After we have exhausted all classic ban-avoiding techniques, we used our strongest weapon – Stealth IP traffic. Our clients can now continue to monitor Fnac.ch...
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Price2Spy’s Site Operations Team never rests, and as always, we have a very busy period behind us. Our team works continuously on adding new sites to the lists of websites we are monitoring, as well as keeping up with the changes happening on the websites that are already a part of our monitoring process. The...
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Marketers today must be experts in data interpretation, customer analysis, and insights management. They will utilize various tools and strategies to create a deep knowledge about the market, customer needs, and preferences. But a complete understanding of the market is not enough. If you want to improve your knowledge of current marketing topics, you need...
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The current era is the right time to scale up your eCommerce business game with the pandemic and rise of online shopping among people. So, if you have an eCommerce store up and running, you might constantly be trying to maximize the profit by optimizing your store, then this article will definitely provide you with...
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On Sunday, March 13th, between 10:00 and 12:00h CET, a complete downtime is expected due to server maintenance, which means the Price2Spy app won’t be accessible. We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you for your patience!
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Have you heard about ESIC University and ESIC Business and Marketing School from Spain? Well, if you’re a part of the Marketing world, then it’s almost impossible that you haven’t.  ESIC is a leading private business university in Spain (and recognized worldwide) with more than 55 years of experience in educating business professionals.  As you...
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