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In the last few decades, eCommerce stores have disrupted the global retail business in a major way. The ease of opening an eCommerce store has brought many small and medium businesses into the digital marketplace.  What started with the success of the likes of Amazon.com has spiraled into a whole new world of opportunities. Today,...
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Over the last couple of years, a significant increase of attention has been paid to customer experience, but primarily focuses on B2C markets.  Unfortunately, B2B customer experience performance is still lagging and can struggle for attention amidst other corporate priorities.  Why does seamless customer experience matter? A seamless customer experience plays a massive role in...
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What has been the most significant benefit of the eCommerce boom? ECommerce marketplaces allow several different businesses to connect with users and leverage the platform for higher growth. Take the example of Etsy, one of the most popular custom gifts and handmade item marketplace.  In 2005, a bookseller and construction worker, Rob Kalin, wanted to...
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On Sunday, June 5th, 2022, between 10 AM and 11 AM CET, a complete downtime is expected due to server maintenance. The Price2Spy app won’t be accessible. We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you for your patience!
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This year our company traveled together after more than two and a half years. Finally!  After the pandemic hit the world, we did not get to see each other very often as we all worked remotely. This year’s team-building was so wanted in our company. We were thrilled to reunite and finally meet in person...
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We are excited to share with you that Price2Spy’s CEO Misha Krunic will be one of the speakers at the World Consumer Goods & Retail Forum in Amsterdam on June 23rd, 2022. Forum’s theme this year will be “Strategy, eCommerce & Consumer Experience”. If you are interested in hearing about what happened, how they adapted,...
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You haven’t heard from us in a while, but now we’re back with great news! As always, we’ve been busy improving our tool so that you, our clients, can use it for improving your business even further!  This time we’re here with a couple of novelties regarding one of our most popular features – Repricing. ...
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All eCommerce websites should take search engine optimization (SEO) seriously. When it comes to having an SEO strategy, what comes to mind? Getting user traffic, views, and clicks. But how can you get traffics, views, and clicks? Or, in the case of eCommerce, how can you get shoppers to shop your website?  Perhaps you might...
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Price2Spy’s Site Operations Team never rests, and as always, we have a very busy period behind us. Our team works continuously on adding new sites to the lists of websites we are monitoring, as well as keeping up with the changes happening on the websites that are already a part of our monitoring process. The...
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The eCommerce Berlin Expo 2022 conference that took place on May 5th was one of the biggest eCommerce events in Europe. We were there, among 9000 visitors, 200 exhibitors from 26 countries, and 55 speakers. Every year professionals gather together in Berlin to learn from each other, promote their services, acquire new partners, and expand...
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