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dynamic ticket pricing

How Did Dynamic Ticket Pricing Become a Subject of Investigation?

April 18, 2024 in Best practices in price monitoring
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Entertainment destinations, theme parks, music festivals, and sporting events, attract millions of visitors yearly. The entertainment industry is a major contributor to the global economy, generating billions of dollars in revenue annually. According to Statista, the media and entertainment market value reached 2.32 trillion U.S....

ecommerce website security

7 Essential Tips for Enhancing Your Ecommerce Website Security

March 26, 2024 in Guest post
Reading Time: 7 minutes

Ecommerce websites face multiple cyber threats, ranging from malware injections and DDoS attacks to phishing scams and data breaches which can jeopardize sensitive customer information, cause financial losses, and damage the company’s reputation. When an eCommerce site is compromised, it shakes customer confidence, leading to decreased...