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Next week people in Serbia are celebrating The Statehood Day of Serbia, which is also celebrated as Constitution Day. February 15th is one of the most important dates in the historical and political calendar of the Serbian state, which symbolizes the beginning of the creation of modern statehood and democratic society. Due to this public...
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Every business aspires to reach certain success levels within a set period. Success is not a walk in the park. It takes business owners lots of blood, sweat, and tears to propel their enterprises to greater heights. All the major companies you know today have also been through a rough patch, especially in the beginning...
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The more you expand your business, the more new things you need to pay attention to. One of them is definitely price escalation. Price escalation means that a product may have a different price in different markets.  Why price escalation happens and how it can be overcome are just some of the issues we will...
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The beginning of a new year is always a time for setting new goals and exploring new opportunities for growth. And your business is no exception.  Here’s a New Year resolution idea: ace B2B demand generation in 2022! Bringing awareness and recognition to your brand is the headstart you’ll need to thrive and expand throughout...
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We are beyond excited to inform you that Price2Spy has won an Award in the Customers Choice 2022 category at SoftwareSuggest Winter Recognition Awards 2022.  SoftwareSuggest is a platform that helps eCommerce businesses find top software solutions and service partners. SoftwareSuggest awards software they believe are exceptional in what they offer and do for their...
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On Sunday, January 30th, from 10:00 AM till 1:00 PM CET a complete downtime is expected due to server maintenance, which means the Price2Spy app won’t be accessible. We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you for your patience!
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The eternal struggle of man is what kind of a person is right to be, high-principled and consistent or yet flexible and adaptable. Do you stick with your decisions, whether on a personal or business level or are you the one open to negotiating? We are going to give you the explanation and examples through...
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Price2Spy’s Site Operations Team never rests, and as always, we have a very busy period behind us. Our team works continuously on adding new sites to the lists of websites we are monitoring, as well as keeping up with the changes happening on the websites that are already a part of our monitoring process. The...
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Would you self-medicate without knowing what disease you have? Let’s go a little further… Would you enter an operating room without having a diagnosis? Then why do you think you are going to set up a successful online store without having done simple market research or a feasibility analysis on the Internet? In this article,...
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Source Building a new business is already hard without the added pressures of managing with limited resources.  If you own a SaaS business, it is no surprise that you already have access to more tools and apps than you actually need.  A BetterCloud report predicted a few years ago that by 2020, 73% of the...
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