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The eCommerce industry is probably one of the most dynamic industries mostly due to the enormous competition. However, the competition race is not applicable to the new players only. The biggest eCommerce names, such as Walmart and Amazon are a part of this battle, especially during the last few years. These two eCommerce giants are...
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In September 2020, Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, began a new initiative aimed at curtailing the rampant counterfeiting problems the company has experienced within its third-party seller program. Specifically, Amazon announced that it would publicly disclose the names and addresses of those third-party retailers (“TPRs”) based in the United States.  At first blush, the...
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Unexpected circumstances in which the whole world found itself due to the pandemic, forced businesses to make numerous changes. Nevertheless, Amazon still sovereignly rules the eCommerce market. It doesn’t take much to create a seller profile and to start selling products. However, the true challenge for brands lies in the fact of managing those sellers....
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How familiar you are with non-human website traffic? Non-human traffic (or bot traffic) is a type of traffic consisted of website visits that weren’t made by humans. This kind of traffic is generally done by bots – programs who are specially created to visit websites for a variety of reasons. For example, non-human traffic can be...
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Back in 2017, Dubai-based e-commerce company – Souq.com – was acquired by the e-commerce giant, Amazon. On April 30th, the switch has finally been made and Souq.com is now officially redirecting all consumers to Amazon.ae. Souq.com has been rebranded to Amazon.ae. All Souq.com URLs now automatically takes you to Amazon.ae, but Souq still remains available...
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When the Internet was made public in the late 80s, many companies had seen it as an opportunity to do something big and make money fast. There were numbers of promising success stories, but shedload of them was never told due to the burst of the dot-com bubble. Only the ones that played smarter, managed...
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Competing effectively in the ever growing world of online retail becomes harder day by day. In case you aren’t fighting with true weapons against your rivals, your rivals could undercut your efforts. Early this year, Reuters has published one report about battle of the shopping ‘bots’ among Wal-Mart and Amazon. According to this report, engineers...
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Have you ever noticed that Amazon is not show prices for all products?

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