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31 March 2015 - 11:33, by , in New Price2Spy features, No comments
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Would you like to investigate the possible pattern behind your competitors price changes in last couple of months – in the sense that some products did get sudden price changes, while other remained stable (and similar examples). That’s why we’ve come up new widget type in price2Spy’s Pricing Dashboard – Multiple Products From Same site...
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Worst-ever floods have hit Serbia and parts of Bosnia. Whole towns got wiped off by small rivers, now turned into disastrous mash of mud and water. WEBCentric (company that owns Price2Spy) took part in relief efforts. Not much, but that’s the least we could do to help our people in trouble.
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We are pleased to announce that today’s server maintenance went well, and that all Price2Spy components are back online. We hope that you’ll enjoy Price2Spy better and faster server performance 🙂
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It’s been more than 2 years since we have published first Price2Spy video tutorial. Ever since, Price2Spy has grown in every possible way: we gained hundreds of new clients, we have introduced new user interface, introduced a multitude of new reports… all together – our old video tutorial became outdated. In last couple of weeks,...
21 March 2013 - 13:16, by , in New Price2Spy features, No comments
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With an ever-growing number of Price2Spy clients, we keep getting a steady stream of fresh ideas for tool enhancements. One such idea (originally coming from a client of ours) is Price Dynamics chart. Price Dynamics, a new report introduced in Price2Spy, is a chart that enables clients to see the price increase / decrease dynamics...
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This testimonial is published with client’s (Ramcity) explicit consent. Price2Spy will never publish any of our client’s details unless we are given permission to do so. Issues: Extremely competitive, sensitive and volatile market; 10 prime competitors to monitor; Unable to extract data for Google AdWords. The client – RamCity – is one of Australia’s leading...
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Price Buckets – New Filter on Price2Spy Price Buckets – most recently added Price2Spy filter, an ideal feature for e-tailers wanting to focus on a particular price group and be the leaders among the competitors, offering products from that group at the lowest price. For example – for ’Low Price’ products you might want to...
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Price2Spy team has encountered numerous clients with different kinds of demands, and meeting those demands, Price2Spy has been changing and evolving. Options and features offered by Price2Spy have been growing in number rapidly, and we have our clients to thank for that. Many Web-based tools might have difficulties reading non-western script sites. This leaves millions...
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  Are you aiming for the lowest price in the market? Want to share it with your customers and provide them with a clear proof of it? Thinking of showing your competitors’ prices on your own website? Not convinced that it’s a good idea? One might presume that consumers would be all in favor of...
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The best ideas for new features and functions come mainly from our clients. URL deactivation alert is not an exception. One of our clients whose competitors have very frequent stock changes suggested that we add a feature that would notify him in case one or more of the URLs that he had monitored had been...

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