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Dark mode has certainly been one of the most popular features in the last few years. There is almost no application in which it is not possible to turn on dark mode, and as it seems, users are more than satisfied with it. Price2Spy did not have that option until now, so we are very...
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Did you ever notice that competitors in your field are driving impactful results, finding partners to collaborate with, and even having a better sales funnel? And you haven’t witnessed any such results yet. And you might wonder, what could be the possible reason for it? Well, it could be because you are using social media...
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What would the world be like without online shopping? The number of e-commerce websites has increased over the last few years, putting everything (literally!) at peoples’ fingers. E-commerce is booming for a good reason—from buying clothes and everyday foods to electronics, setting up appointments, booking trips, and everything in between. Young, innovative techno-entrepreneurs developed e-commerce...
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On Sunday, August 14th, 2022, between 10 AM and 11 AM CET, a complete downtime is expected due to server maintenance. The Price2Spy app won’t be accessible. We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you for your patience!
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If you are not selling, then you are most likely buying goods and you probably noticed barcodes. Were you ever wondered what those are and what they represent, all the numbers and bars of different thicknesses and patterns? Do you know that there are around 100 different types of barcodes in the world? If you’re...
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Without a doubt, email marketing is one of the foundational pillars of effective digital marketing for eCommerce businesses. Email is a marketing, sales, and support tool that can open numerous lead generation lanes, and allow you to convert faster and capitalize on upselling and cross-sell opportunities.  That said, simply sending out emails to your customers...
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Organic traffic is an important part of your website’s success. Sure, you can pay for ads and affiliate links, but organic traffic is where most of the conversions happen. Thing is, it can be difficult to increase your website’s organic traffic, especially when it’s not well optimized. In this article, we’ll be looking at 7...
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The world is hit by crisis after crisis, and both governments and economies are trying to find adequate answers to current geopolitical events. Although inflation is one of the most used words recently, the answer to the question of how to oppose it still eludes everyone.  How does inflation affect businesses? What pricing strategies should...
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We are constantly working on improving and optimizing our Price2Spy features. This time we’re here with some Shopify novelties.  Shopify has a new way of dealing with product categories in their storefront. They have an option called Shopify collections where products can be manually or automatically (assigning products to collections based on specific criteria) added. ...
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Economists would say that demand dictates the price – it’s as simple as that.  Apart from economists, the transportation industry has agreed with this statement for years. That’s how a surge pricing strategy kept fueling one debate since the 1950s.  Is it foolish to expect fairness in the profit-seeking, or do some rules still need...
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