Price2Spy Puzzle of Services

Price2Spy Puzzle of Services

Price2Spy Puzzle of Services

Since 2011, when we were among the first price monitoring tools on the market, Price2Spy keeps developing and inventing. The scope of services we offer has evolved over the years. On this page, you will find the full scope of features we currently offer to eCommerce professionals.

Price Monitoring

Price monitoring software is crucial for retailers and brands in an eCommerce world to better position on the market. When Price2Spy automated this process back in 2011, it allowed its clients to gain insights into historical prices and price trends of competition as well as to be notified in real-time of any price changes or price violations via Price2Spy alerts mechanisms, reports, and analyses.

Price2Spy Puzzle of Services

Product Matching

The process that precedes price monitoring is product matching meaning finding an equivalent product on competitors’ websites and linking them with a corresponding product within clients’ Price2Spy account. We offer three product matching solutions:

Price2Spy Puzzle of Services


Automatch is a continual automated product matching process that can be performed at specified intervals (daily, weekly, monthly). It is meant for businesses coming from industries using highly standardized product identifiers and who need more than 1000 products to be matched.

Manual Matching

Manual matching guarantees that every product will be checked and matched manually with the competitors’ products. When performing product matching, the Price2Spy team will check not only product names, but also technical specs and product images to ensure a match is indeed a proper one.

Hybrid Matching

Hybrid means that machines and humans are working together. Machine Learning (ML) algorithm will go through products from both our client and competitor sites and make sure that only meaningful matching candidates get suggested. However, it will be humans who will be doing the final check.

Product Data Extraction

Price2Spy is a price crawler that can extract all product data from a competitor’s website in one go, along with complete pricing, product description, category, and brand information. Our team has mastered the site crawl and competitor product data extraction process that will help your clients gather valuable data in bulk.

Price2Spy Puzzle of Services

Data Extraction Features


The Repricing module allows our clients to define their pricing strategies, which can be segmented by product category, brand, or supplier.

Price2Spy Puzzle of Services

We have identified two default types of repricing opportunities:

Clever Drop

Overpriced products where cost and profit margin allow a somewhat lower price.

Clever Raise

Product price is already the lowest on the market, but way too underpriced compared to then ext cheapest competitor.

Depending on the way your store is integrated with your Price2Spy account, there are two repricing options: 

Price2Spy Puzzle of Services

Indirect Repricing

If your store is not integrated with your Price2Spy account (Price2Spy will prepare the repricing information, but you’ll have to apply it in your store).

Price2Spy Puzzle of Services

Direct Repricing

Applicable if your store is integrated with your Price2Spy account (Price2Spy will execute repricing changes directly within your store).

The power of Price2Spy’s repricing module is its flexibility – many clients have used it in many different ways. That is why we have compiled a list of case studies on how our clients have created their repricing strategies and implemented them using Price2Spy’s functionality. If the default repricing opportunities are not meeting requirements, we are open to considering suggestions and finding a unique solution for each client.

Price2Spy Puzzle of Services