Competitor price monitoring – Best Practices paper on Serbian eCommerce conference

18:36 April 28, 2015 in Price2Spy announcements
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PalicPrice2Spy team has been quite busy traveling these days. Apart from traveling and attending trade fairs, conferences, meeting with clients abroad, we have also visited an e-business conference called Etrgovina in Serbia, Palic and it was quite an interesting experience for our team.

It is a pretty absurd situation we face – even though we are based in Serbia, it is the country that just few of our clients come from. It says a lot about the market and competitiveness here in Serbia, which, unfortunately is not something we can brag about.

We attended the conference as a speaker and were there to present the price monitoring trends worldwide, as well as to list some of the best practices when it comes to using Price2Spy as a price monitoring solution – hopefully that will show Serbian retailers and distributors which are the fields in the business culture in the e-commerce industry that need improvements. It was good and comforting to see though that a few interested online retailers did approach us and that online price monitoring trends are at least starting to penetrate the Serbian market.

As stated before – even though our own country, Serbia is by far the least known country from our point of view since we do not get a chance to monitor prices / price changes and market fluctuations for clients there.

But let’s stay positive – these conferences are made to let people know and that is what we intend to do in the future 🙂


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