LambdaTek now monitored by Stealth IP Traffic

Price2Spy announcements 13.5.2021. Reading Time: < 1

One of the biggest challenges for a price monitoring tool is that the companies are investing a great amount of time and energy to try and prevent automated price monitoring on their websites. LambdaTek did a good job with it, but Price2Spy has a solution!

After trying out all the standard ban-avoiding techniques, the Price2Spy team had to reach for the strongest weapon – Stealth IP. It enables us to find a way around even the most complex websites, so our clients can continue monitoring prices without hindrance.

Stealth IP comes with an additional price. Since it’s a very complex approach, and sometimes the only possible option, a higher price is necessary. We will always test standard methods first – but if that’s not an option, paying more for Stealth IP is very worthy.