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Price2Spy announcements 27.2.2018. Reading Time: 2 minutes

We’re all witnessing high increase in security problems reported by various governments and businesses worldwide.

Price2Spy has decided to act proactively about this problem – with over 520 clients, Price2Spy has decided to put in place advanced security measures, to help clients who would want extra level of protection for their Price2Spy accounts.

This article will cover new security features that we have introduced.

1) Password complexity

The main method to protect an account is to use a combination of user name and password. The strength of this protection will greatly depend on the complexity of the password.

Price2Spy recommends that at least these criteria are met:

  • At least 8 characters long
  • Combines digits, special characters, uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Only used for accessing your Price2Spy account

*** Existing users have the ability to activate this option by switching on Enforce password strength from Account security page in their Price2Spy account.

2) Password expiration

Changing your password regularly is another good practice of protecting your account. To make it simple, Price2Spy enables all users to set password expiration periodically for the selected date ranges:

  • 1 month / 3 months / 6 months / 1 year

account security

3) Account lockout

To maintain extra level of protection in your account, Price2Spy introduces Account lockout feature for all users. According to this;

  • After 5 consecutive failed login attempts, your Price2Spy account will be locked for 15 minutes. To access your account, you should try resetting your password or contacting with Price2Spy Support Team.


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Cahide Gunes Pakay
Cahide Gunes Pakay is a Digital Marketing Manager at Price2Spy, an online price monitoring, pricing analytics, and repricing tool used by eCommerce professionals from all over the world. She loves reading, writing, and speaking about e-commerce, pricing, and competitive strategies. You can find her on LinkedIn.