Pro Light and Sound 2015 – through the eyes of Price2Spy

Price2Spy announcements 27.4.2015. Reading Time: < 1

20150417_143047Ivana and I just got back from the very fruitful Pro Light + Sound Messe in Frankfurt. We enjoyed the opportunity to meet so many big companies we work with: we had exchanged so many emails and phone calls with them – but never got a chance to shake hands. Now that’s been fixed 🙂 OK, not for all our clients (since we had only 2 days in Frankfurt) – but 2016’s show will be an opportunity to meet some more people 🙂

Since it was our first time there, I must say we were amazed by the show. Though we met some clients (especially elderly ones) who said that show used to be much better in the past (because the Web is taking over this segment of trade as well) – we still couldn’t help being amazed by the shear size and the good German organization. Speaking of the people we met – I must congratulate those who spent 3 or 4 days in a noisy hall full of light and sound effects, and still holding the nerve to meet so many people and attend so many important meetings. As for myself, after spending 2 x 9 hours there, I must say my head was banging real bad – but it was definitely worth it.

See you next year!