Connecting Microsoft PowerBI to Price2Spy API (with POST methods)

Price2Spy announcements 28.4.2020. Reading Time: < 1

Microsoft PowerBI as an increasingly popular tool enabling users to do API Queries and Database analytics with very little IT effort.

As more and more Price2Spy clients want to use it from Microsoft PowerBI, we have encountered several support questions. Therefore, we’ve created  a whole new page where we guide you through establishing a connection between Power BI and Price2Spy API.

This page will show you what are the 2 methods that you can use in order to establish a connection between your Power BI and Price2Spy API:

  1. Connecting to Price2Spy API – GET methods
  2. Connecting to Price2Spy API – POST methods

All the technical details step by step are provided so that you can easily connect your Power BI and Price2Spy API.

Hopefully, this page will help you with easier establishing PowerBI connection to Price2Spy API (for any kind of API method you need). However, if you still have any questions, you are very welcome to forward them on –


Ana Popovic
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