How 2020 looked like with 29 parents and 38 little helpers

Best practices in price monitoring, Price2Spy announcements 29.12.2020. Reading Time: 2 minutes

Over the last 10 months, our living rooms have become our offices. During this strange 2020 year, we tried to give our best to continue with the hard and dedicated work.

And while we’re carefully listening to our colleagues and clients, all of the sudden there’s a “Mooom, where is that chocolate?” or “Daad, dad, you won’t believe what I just saw on TV!” Our little helpers are never resting.

They diligently help us turn off our computers in the middle of work time, just to inform us that the snow is actually made of styrofoam. They’ve been very helpful with remembering all the names of our colleagues by asking “who are you talking to now, what’s his name?” Maybe you even received an email from us with some unusual typo, just because they wanted to “press just one button”…

But, our helpers have been very understanding as well – they know when is the time to be quiet because mom has to show the client one of those funny, colorful graphs.

This situation has shown us once again how irreplaceable our little assistants are. Therefore, WEBCentric’s Santa Clause couldn’t skip them. This year might lack the live encounters and other lovely moments that we had last year, but the same amount of love will be there.

To all our little helpers, their parents, and to all who are a part of the WEBCentric family we wish a Happy New Year! 

We already have some great news for the next year! We’ll have 6 babies! Also, we hope to be able to welcome them in our usual surroundings – with the Christmas tree and our Santa Claus Sale (but, shhh, that’s his top-secret!)


Ana Popovic
Ana Popovic is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Price2Spy. She's a sociologist who found her place in the eCommerce world. As such, her love for writing has led her to discover the beauty of content marketing and given her the opportunity to inform people about eCommerce and pricing topics.