Price2Spy at the World Consumer Goods & Retail Forum in Amsterdam

Price2Spy announcements 2.6.2022. Reading Time: 2 minutes

We are excited to share with you that Price2Spy’s CEO Misha Krunic will be one of the speakers at the World Consumer Goods & Retail Forum in Amsterdam on June 23rd, 2022.

Price2Spy Founder and CEO Misha Krunic speaks at the World Consumer Goodss & Retail Forum

Forum’s theme this year will be “Strategy, eCommerce & Consumer Experience”. If you are interested in hearing about what happened, how they adapted, and how to prepare for the post-pandemic retail world from global leaders, make sure to register for the event. The World Consumer Goods & Retail Forum will take a place on the 23rd and 24th of June in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in the Postillion Hotel & Convention Centre.

Misha Krunic, the founder and CEO of Price2Spy, will speak on day one, June 23rd, at 1:20 PM. The topic he will cover is “Dynamic Pricing – The Past, The Present, and The Future”. Misha is one of the most experienced people in the industry of eCommerce regarding Dynamic Pricing as Price2Spy is the leading price monitoring tool and one of the world’s oldest.

Price2Spy attended and sponsored the World Retail Forum in Amsterdam in the past. Our visit to the Forum in 2018 was successful, therefore, we decided to sponsor the event again this year and get a speaker slot for the CEO Misha Krunic to ensure that most visitors can hear the best practices and tactics of the industry and learn about the software solutions that can help businesses keep up with the post-pandemic retail world.

The Price2Spy crew will be at the event both days, ready to exchange the best practices with industry professionals. If you attend, make sure to look for them to see how Price2Spy can help your business. We look forward to participating in the Forum!


Marijana Bjelobrk
Marijana Bjelobrk is a Junior Digital Marketing Specialist, writing for Price2Spy since November 2021. She graduated BBA at Oklahoma City University in May 2020, majoring in marketing. While studying, she had a part-time job at the Economical Research and Policy Institute, where she gained experience in research, critical thinking, and writing professional articles.