Price2Spy became a partner with Google Data Studio

Price2Spy announcements 11.8.2020. Reading Time: < 1

We are proud to announce another great partnership! This time Price2Spy has teamed up with Google Data Studio. Since they’re collaborating with a variety of companies, it is very important to point out that we are one of only 232 Google Data Studio partners!

Price2Spy became a partner with Google Data Studio

In case you’re not so familiar with what Google Data Studio does, let’s introduce them a bit more. 

Google Data Studio is a popular reporting solution that enables users to make custom reports with data coming from Google’s marketing services and external sources.

One of those external sources is also Price2Spy. Of course, the external data that Price2Spy provides is competitor pricing data coming from your Price2Spy’s account. 

Recently, we noticed that more and more clients want to connect their Google Data Studio via Price2Spy API. Therefore, we decided to make this process easier by creating a detailed step-by-step installation guide.

We tried to make the guide as useful as possible, but in case you have some additional questions, feel free to reach us at

In case you didn’t have the chance to try out Price2Spy, we invite you to start your free 30-days trial and establish a Data Studio connection via Price2Spy API.


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