Price2Spy supports BigCommerce’s Multi-Store front feature

11:57 16 June in New Price2Spy features, Price2Spy announcements
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As you already know, various eCommerce platforms are supported by Price2Spy, enabling easy integration between your online store and our tool. 

We’re constantly working on improving your experience with Price2Spy, so this time we’re here with some news regarding BigCommerce Multi-Store front

What’s new?

BigCommerce has recently introduced a Multi-Store front that allows its users to have more than one store in the same BigCommerce account (meaning users can have multiple store URLs for the same product). 

BigCommerce’s Multi-Store front

Price2Spy is now adjusted to handle those situations.

If you are thinking of integrating your BigCommerce account with Price2Spy and using a Multi-Store front, we’ve got you covered!

Does this require any changes in your account?

In order to integrate your BigCommerce account, you must use Link my store in Price2Spy.

We invite you to check the integration tutorial on our website for more details.

An additional step is added to our Link my store feature, and it requires users to choose a store URL they wish to integrate with Price2Spy.

BigCommerce’s Multi-Store front

If you prefer to use the Price2Spy app from your BigCommerce app store, you just need to choose the storefront when installing the app – the steps are very simple.

In case you have additional questions or face some issues while integrating your store, please don’t hesitate to contact us at


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