Price2Spy team can now match rental properties

New Price2Spy features, Price2Spy announcements 29.10.2019. Reading Time: 2 minutes



Price2Spy team continues implementing new features, and this time addressing the needs of the clients in the rental properties industry!

Over the years we have learned that time is the most valuable resource in the world of eCommerce. Hence we have noticed that many of our clients are short on time when it comes to matching and entering competitors’ products / URLs into Price2Spy. This task can be done manually by our Data Entry team and in this case, in particular, it can be applied to matching rental properties.

That means that when having listings on one website we can search for the exact match on another website. All that we need from you is a list of products you would like to match.

We will use the following example to make this process even more clear:



We hope that you will find this helpful.

What do you think about our new feature? We are looking forward to hearing your impressions!



Ana Popovic
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