Meme Videos Are The Future Of eCommerce Marketing Strategy

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Meme Videos Are The Future Of eCommerce Marketing Strategy In 2023

If you’ve been living under a rock, a meme is a form of media that takes an aspect of pop culture and turns it into an image or video. It’s shared online and often features a set of recurring characters and plot lines, as well as catchphrases and other jokes.

Meme videos are designed to be funny (or at least they intend to be), but they can also be used for many things because they are so easy to understand. This cultural phenomenon proves to be useful in spreading information about a topic, providing entertainment, and even promoting brands and products.

In this article, we’ll explain why meme videos are important for your eCommerce marketing strategy and how you can use them effectively this 2023.

The Benefits of Using Meme Videos Vs. Traditional Marketing

The Benefits of Using Meme Videos Vs. Traditional Marketing

The world of marketing has changed dramatically over the last decade. Social media and memes have replaced traditional methods, such as billboards, commercials, and print media. But the question is why?

Memes are bite-sized and to the point, making them a quick and easy way to connect with your audience. They also have a very low barrier to entry, so even if you’re not the most creative person in the world, you can still create something that will resonate with the public. 

Suits Any Budget

While traditional forms of marketing can take weeks or even months to plan and execute properly—and often cost thousands of dollars—meme videos can be created overnight with just a few hundred dollars in startup costs.

You don’t need to be a professional video editor or graphic designer, either. You can use free online tools to create your meme video, saving you even more money. And because meme videos tend to be very short and don’t require high-quality audio recording or special effects, they are also easy to produce and upload to social media platforms.

Increases Engagement and Reach

As of January 2023, 59% of the world’s population is active on social media. This means that brands that create content that resonates with their followers have a significantly higher chance of going viral.

Meme videos tend to be more effective than traditional marketing techniques because they’re so relatable. Who doesn’t love sharing things that make people laugh or feel understood? This makes memes highly effective at spreading your company’s message.

Humanizes Your Brand

Humor is a great way to build trust and share your brand’s personality. It can help you connect with your audience in ways that aren’t possible through traditional marketing techniques, like blogging or sending out email newsletters. And when you use humor in marketing videos, it shows that you don’t take yourself too seriously—and people love that.

Memes also tend to be popular among younger audiences, so they’re a good way to appeal to millennials and Gen Zs, who might not be interested in traditional advertising.

The Sky’s the Limit

You can do anything you want with meme videos. That’s what makes them so much fun! You can use them as standalone marketing tools or integrate them into your existing marketing strategies, such as a Facebook or YouTube ad campaign.

Easily Shareable

Add meme videos on your website, in an email newsletter, and on a social media post. They’re extremely easy to share with friends, family, and coworkers because memes are so entertaining. If you want to get the most out of your meme video, write a caption and use hashtags like #meme #video #funnymemes so that your posts show up in more people’s feeds.

Gives Instant Feedback

When you share a meme video on Twitter or Facebook, it’s immediately visible to all your followers, and they can quickly respond with likes and comments. By generating instant feedback from viewers, memes make it easier than ever before for companies to see how their content is resonating with customers.

Memes tend to be popular among younger audiences, so they’re a good way to appeal to millennials and Gen Zers who might not be interested in traditional advertising.

How to Create Meme Videos for eCommerce Marketing

How to Create Meme Videos for E-Commerce Marketing

If you’re looking for a way to create meme videos that are as funny, hip, and fresh as the ones you see on your favorite social media platforms, all you need is a meme generator. This tool is very easy to use and requires no technical skills, so it’s perfect for beginners.

If you’re new to the world of meme videos, you may be wondering how to make one. The good news is that it can be done in just a few simple steps using an online meme maker:

  1. To get started, simply select a video file from your computer to upload to the software.
  2. Next, add text to your video by adding captions on top and bottom. You can resize the image to fit various social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook.
  3. Once you’re happy with your meme video, click the ‘Export’ button. Your new meme will be saved in a format of your choosing.

Tips for a Successful Meme Video Marketing Campaign

Tips for a Successful Meme Video Marketing Campaign

As we mentioned, memes effectively draw attention to your business and generate conversations with your target audience. However, if you want to make a meme video that will get shared and go viral, here are a few things you need to consider:

Choose a Popular Topic

If your content is too specific to your industry, it may not resonate with your audience and won’t be shared as widely as it could be. In addition, make sure your meme topic isn’t overly political or controversial; otherwise, you risk alienating some potential customers. 

Also, ensure your meme video is relevant to your audience. If you’re targeting Gen Zs, using something like a “Mean Girls” meme probably won’t get you many views. Instead, try using an image from a popular TV show or movie that the younger generation will likely recognize.

Have an Original Idea and Strong Visual Representation

It’s not enough to simply repost a meme that someone else has created. You need to make an original concept and find a way to represent that idea visually. 

Try to create a meme that is unique and captures the essence of your business. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out sites like 9GAG and Reddit to see what types of memes are currently popular.

Create a Compelling Call to Action

One way to get more views is by creating an interesting call-to-action that encourages viewers to share your meme video. To do this, try adding a CTA at the bottom of your meme or even in the caption itself. 

For example, if you’re trying to get people interested in a new product you sell, have one of the meme characters ask viewers if they want to learn more about it. This will make them curious enough that they’ll be compelled to visit your website for answers.

Alternatively, you can ask your audience a question with a humorous twist, such as “Is this true?” to get people talking about the meme, which can help it go viral.

Make Sure the Video is Mobile Friendly

Remember that the majority of meme viewers on social media use smartphones, so ensure your video is optimized for this type of device by using a responsive design. This will ensure that it doesn’t look distorted when viewed from a small screen.

In addition, make sure that your meme video plays properly on any mobile device so that they can watch it without having to zoom in or out on their phone screens.

Bottom Line

In 2023, we expect that memes will have expanded their reach into every facet of eCommerce marketing. This form of media is proven to be highly flexible and cost-effective, helping businesses engage with their customers on an emotional level and make sales by reaching people where they’re most comfortable: online.

We’ve also seen how companies like Netflix and Chipotle have used meme videos to grow their businesses, but there’s still so much room for growth. As more people shop and spend time online, it will become easier for marketers to reach them with targeted campaigns that speak directly to their interests.


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