Price2Spy has enabled capturing image URLs

New Price2Spy features, Price2Spy announcements 12.8.2021. Reading Time: 2 minutes

You, as our clients, are already accustomed to the fact that very often you can expect novelties from Price2Spy. These innovations mainly concern new features or improvements to existing ones. Therefore, most of you use some of our additional fields which makes us very happy. 

Now it’s time to introduce another improvement, and that is capturing image URLs! 

You know that Price2Spy is able to capture many things on a website, and from now on that applies to images as well. 

All accounts now have Image URL 1 enabled. Setting for this feature is turned on in the account settings of all accounts and an additional field is enabled automatically and displayed on a single product page. Images will be captured if sites have Image URL 1 regex enabled.

However, if you want to enable URL 2 and URL 3, we advise you to write to your account manager.

The changes will be visible on the Product page:

capturing image URLs

In the Settings part, you’ll be able to select Image url 1, Image url 2, and Image url 3 fields, and click on Apply Columns in order to apply the changes. 

We hope we’ve clarified to you how to use this additional field. In case you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us at


Ana Popovic
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