Price2Spy is the G2 Momentum Grid Leader for Pricing

Price2Spy announcements 17.2.2022. Reading Time: 2 minutes

G2’s Momentum Grid report represents the voice of real product users. Price2Spy has won a Leader’s position in the Winter 2022 Momentum Grid report for Pricing which highlights the voice of real Price2Spy clients. 

G2 Momentum Grid Leader

G2 is a review platform that aims to help buyers to discover and select the right solution for their needs. Every quarter this platform releases reports based on product reviews and gathered data from social networks and other online sources. Many buyers who are looking for reliable, affordable, flexible, discrete, and simple-to-use price monitoring tools chose Price2Spy over its competitors. Mostly because of our experience and technical superiority.

The Momentum Grid for Pricing is calculated based on the Satisfaction algorithm and Momentum algorithm scores from data collected through November 23, 2021. Satisfaction score is affected by overall customers’ satisfaction, satisfaction with end-user-focused product attributes, satisfaction with administration-focused product attributes, quality, and age of reviews received, as well as popularity in terms of the number of reviews received. The inputs affecting Momentum score are the overall change over one year, employee, review, social, and web growth.

Price2Spy’s CEO Misha Krunic says: “I am beyond proud to announce that Price2Spy has won the Leaders position in the G2 Winter 2022 Momentum Grid Report for Pricing. This leader’s position confirms our hard work throughout the years and our commitment and adaptability to each client individually. We are glad our effort was recognized primarily by our clients and proven through reviews about our product and then by the G2 crew who monitor Price2Spy’s development and progress over the years. We are honored to have so many satisfied customers who advocate for our product. The pricing industry is very competitive, but Price2Spy, as one of the most experienced solutions with a large client base, fought its way to the top. There is no better recognition than a satisfied client.”

Price2Spy manages to maintain a good reputation over the years on all software comparison platforms. The last quadrant’s report brought us not only the Momentum Grid Leader’s position for the pricing category, but we also won the highest-rated pricing software, the highest-rated brand protection software, and the highest-rated retail pricing software recognitions. Yet, our team’s favorite category is the Relationship Index where we maintained the leading position based on the votes on ease of doing business with, quality of support, and likelihood to recommend data. Other reports in which you can find Price2Spy in the leaders’ quadrant are the pricing implementation index, pricing results index, and pricing usability index.


Marijana Bjelobrk
Marijana Bjelobrk is a Junior Digital Marketing Specialist, writing for Price2Spy since November 2021. She graduated BBA at Oklahoma City University in May 2020, majoring in marketing. While studying, she had a part-time job at the Economical Research and Policy Institute, where she gained experience in research, critical thinking, and writing professional articles.