Price2Spy tracks prices on Coles

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After being in business for over 7 years, we are so proud to say that we are monitoring over 60.000 websites worldwide. However, it is not just the number of websites we so proudly claim to monitor, but the diversity as well. The sites Price2Spy can track are the online stores that taking role in variety of industries; from Automative to Fashion, Pet Supplies to Airline / Travel and more.

Moreover, our client base ranges from Western and Eastern Europe to the US and Australia in addition to South America, Russia, Arabic world and Far East. Therefore, monitoring sites from highly developed online markets (US, UK, AU, DE, NL and etc.) or  reading non-western script sites from various parts of the world, not a problem for Price2Spy at all. In addition, Price2Spy works with sites which are quite simple in terms of capturing price, but also with those showing prices either as images or after adding products to cart or even more complex, and this is where Price2Spy’s power comes to the fore.

Though, time to time, we are still encountering numerous clients with different kinds of questions regarding the various sites. And one of these questions were asked recently regarding the following Australian site is that, if Price2Spy can handle to monitor it or not – Coles (

Well, the answer is ‘Yes’. Thanks to technology we’re using, Price2Spy is able to monitor any site, including the technically most difficult ones (Amazon, Ebay, Woodbrass, Coles and etc.), without an issue.

Therefore, if you need to monitor bot-aware sites, B2B login-required sites or the sites where products sold in different quantities (like this), making most of price monitoring tools useless – do not fear, it’s not a problem for Price2spy.

Please feel free to check the list of sites monitored by Price2Spy. Any sites you want monitored are missing from the list? Please let us know, we will gladly include it!


Cahide Gunes Pakay
Cahide Gunes Pakay is a Digital Marketing Manager at Price2Spy, an online price monitoring, pricing analytics, and repricing tool used by eCommerce professionals from all over the world. She loves reading, writing, and speaking about e-commerce, pricing, and competitive strategies. You can find her on LinkedIn.