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In last couple of months we have acquired a number of new clients, for whom we have started tracking over 400 new online stores. Among others, we’re tracking new sites from Brazil Malaysia Norway The Netherlands Cyprus Sweden Lithuania Turkey Italy Spain Singapore Greece Our new users come from high variety of industries, we’ll list...
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Thanks to our clients’ suggestions – we have introduced new reporting filter: show only products where price change was detected in last X days. This new feature will be of most use for merchants who monitor large amounts of products across many sites – it will enable them to focus on products where price change...
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More and more online stores are using seemingly strange and useless technique: instead of attracting customer with a great price, they would show the price only upon placing the product in the shopping cart. In the beginning mostly used by Amazon, BestBuy and other big retail names – this has become pretty common way of...
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There are 2 reliable indicators: 1) Are product descriptions on your competitor site identical to yours? Or, better to say, are they nearly identical, with several tiny wording twists? This is a standard technique used by smaller stores who want to save time on the copy. They do not copy/paste your content because that means...
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Since Price2Spy clients come from virtually all parts of the world, we have gathered some comparative data which can help analyze competitiveness of online stores worldwide. 1) US & Canada – US data can be somewhat misleading since big US stores are actually big global names, so their pricing applies not only to the US,...
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One of the main Price2Spy features is price change alert emails, listing all the products that have changed their price or availability. However, if we’re speaking of thousands of products, those alert emails can get quite big and unfriendly. Further, it’s not always one person who is in charge of all the products. Therefore, we...

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