Author: Ana Popovic

Pricing Tool: Necessary Ally Of Every eCommerce Business

November 19, 2020 in Best practices in price monitoring
Reading Time: 5 minutes

As strange as it might sound, pricing isn't only about the numbers. It's about the knowledge behind it. Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash Surrounded by fast and dynamic changes in the market, businesses need both knowledge and flexibility when trying to set the right pricing strategy.  What every business strives...

Gear4music now monitored by Stealth IP Traffic

November 13, 2020 in Best practices in price monitoring, Price2Spy announcements
Reading Time: < 1

Websites are giving their best to avoid being price monitored by automated solutions such as Price2SPy. One of those websites is Geat4music. Since we have tried all classic ban-avoiding techniques, we have resorted to our strongest weapon – Stealth IP. Now, Price2Spy's clients can continue monitoring...

Head to Head VS Price Index report: Differences Explained

October 29, 2020 in Best practices in price monitoring
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Over the years, as the number of Price2Spy's clients was increasing, we were faced with different, sometimes even contradicting requirements. Having numerous clients from different industries resulted in needs that had to be addressed differently. One of the widgets (and reports) that are a very popular choice among our clients...